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Key Areas of Practice


Animal agriculture, Fruit and nut growers, Honey producers, Soil and water conservation, Funding


Distilling and brewing


Commercial service and general aviation airports, Fixed based operators, Agricultural aviation, Taxation

Drinking and Waste Water

Utility management, Water quality programs and funding, Rural and regional water systems


Curriculum requirements, Social Workers, Nurses, Councilors, Psychologists, Curriculum Delivery systems, Student screenings


Wind, Solar, Biomass, Renewable energy production, tax credits


Forest reserve tax credits, Invasive species programs and funding, Nut and fruit producers

Healthcare and Medicine

Healthcare delivery systems, Nursing, Loan repayment programs, Medicaid coverage, immunizations, Emerging therapies, Prescription monitoring programs

Mental Health

Social work, Psychology, State funding, Suicide prevention, Healthcare delivery systems, patient advocacy


Hunting, Trapping, Fishing, Boating, Recreational trails, Shooting sports

Professional Licensure

Continuing education requirements, Profession entry requirements, Disciplinary measures


Regional and short-line railroads, Economic development, Infrastructure

Solid Waste

Collection, Landfills, Recycling

Water Quality

Water quality and programs, Funding, Soil conservation

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